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Suzhou industrial park suhong machinery co., LTD.Built in 1993, it is located in the east of loufeng town, suzhou industrial park, and dongjing industrial park, jinji lake. Dushu lake tunnel is two kilometers to the east with convenient transportation.The company has more than 10 years of production experience, has passed the iso9001-2008 qualification certification.

The company's main processing products are: machinery and equipment manufacturing, metal products processing, mold, stamping parts, stretch pieces, spring, sheet metal and precision screws, nuts, as well as automobile, medical, spinning machine and other mechanical equipment accessories production and processing.

The company also undertakes the design and construction of all kinds of work tables, shelves, car shed steel frame, caigang tile warehouse and other framework structure and the maintenance of assembly line or machine equipment and other services.

Company equipment: CNC machining center, CNC lathe, automatic lathe, ordinary lathe, digital milling machine, line cutting, shearing machine, folding machine, laser cutting machine, punching machine, hydraulic machine, grinding machine, sawing machine, cross arm drilling machine, DW75 pipe bending machine, automatic spring machines, precision screw machine and electric welding, argon welding, weld and so on dozens of kinds of advanced equipment.

The company has a strong technical force, advanced equipment, perfect detection means, dedicated to the company's services.

In order to integrate with the international economic globalization, the company takes the needs of the vast number of customers as its own responsibility, and we meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets with the spirit of courage to fight, innovation and pragmatism forever.


Suzhou industrial park suhong machinery co. LTD



The url:www.1001n.com.cn

address: No.15, dongjing industrial park, no.8, dongfu road, loufeng town, suzhou industrial park